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Pink Topaz ( Mercury Myst Vapor )

Pink topaz is extremely rare in nature. Due to this fact, true natural pink topaz commands a high price in the gem market. As it went with diamonds, many firms researched multiple means to come up with an alternative that had similar attributes to the naturally occurring gem, but make them affordable. This research resulted in multiple means of coloring a white (or silver) topaz to create a pink color similar to, and even surpassing, the natural pink topaz. Color diffusion and vapor misting are methods that create a surface coating on a faceted topaz, giving it the pink color. Color diffusion is achieved by coating a faceted white topaz with a coloring agent, and then heating the stone to allow the pink color to bond to the surface of the topaz.

Mercury vapor misting utilizes electrostatic energy to bond the coloring agent to the surface of the faceted topaz. However, these methods are merely surface treatments. If you damaged the faceted stone and wished to have it re-cut, you would not be able to retain the color. Consider this likeness: a cherry, when dipped in chocolate becomes a chocolate covered cherry. However, when you pierce the chocolate, there lies the crimson cherry. White topaz is fairly common, and there are many manufacturer’s who utilize these means to color their gemstones. Some problems associated with these treatments include fading when subjected to prolonged exposure to light. Unlike the scare concerning irradiated Blue Topaz, at this time, Pink Topaz can not be achieved through means of radiation.

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